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Steve Schuneman is our lead cinematographer, editor &  director, (if appropriate). His passion for movies has led to study  & work in  different forms of the industry throughout his life.  
Steve's approach to capturing & editing is always done with a  filmmaker's eye. He will find just the right angles, moments, and timing  to give a project richness and depth. 



Annette can help with  questions, contracts &  logistics. It is important to her to learn what means the most to you.  In addition, she shoots video & assists with editing decisions.

Having been involved in video work for over 20 years now, both Annette & Steve believe in the value and importance of preserving the memories of people; their mannerisms, voice, laugh, stories and special times, that can only be accomplished through video and film.  

Our Experience


  Before moving back to southern CA, (for family) we had a bigger business  under the name of Scene II Video, Inc. Annette was also a makeup artist  & we shared studio space. We had a great video staff of eight.  During that time, we completed over 500 weddings & events, gained  incredible experience, (learned to handle all kinds of situations!) met  and worked with wonderful people!     

More recently our focus has been on documentaries; preserving, informing, inspiring and sharing.

Sample of our Work

Because this video takes place in a variety of settings we thought it might be a good way to show the quality of our work. We now concentrate on other kinds of projects, but weddings can show an overview.

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